Continuing to Learn

Continuing to Learn

I recently completed a weekend course on winter mountaineering run by the Scotland’s national mountain centre, Glenmore Lodge and covered such areas as avalanche awareness, moving safely on steep, icy ground and winter navigation.  Most of it was consolidation of existing knowledge and skills but, as always, there was plenty to take away: top tips from experienced professionals on their equipment, their problem solving approaches and their mental approach to coping well in adverse conditions.  It was also good to spend time with one’s peers many of whom, like myself, have dual roles- a day job and work as a mountain leader.  I love the diversity and one man is an archaeologist who, to my delight, knew all about the Langdale neolithic stone axe factory and had himself been involved in surveying there.  Poor chap couldn’t get away from me.

Dawn view over Cairngorm National Park

Continuing to learn is important not only in terms of developing one’s specific knowledge or skills, it is also good for one’s wellbeing and creates opportunities for meeting and sharing with others.  It also gave me an excuse to get up to Scotland and enjoy some stunning countryside.  I love it and try and book as much as I can- from walks with geologists and ornithologists to working with navigation specialists- it keeps me fresh, motivated and up to date.  Whatismore there is always something to take away to share with others on my own guided hikes.

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