Never Too Old to Learn!

Never Too Old to Learn!

I recently completed a Mountain Leader Qualification assessment: an intense, physically and mentally exhausting five days in the Cumbrian fells with two nights out in high winds and sub zero temperatures.  We were continuously assessed on our navigation; both day and night, in all weathers and mostly off path, as well as group leadership and various mountain terrain competencies.

Despite being an advocate for lifelong learning, this is the first qualification I have undertaken in decades and at 03.00 in my tent during a freezing and gusty night, I was beginning to doubt my sanity…

The mantra for the week was given to us by our assessor, Mountain Guide Chris Ensoll: “Think each morning- I am going to stay on my feet”!  He repeatedly told us to be positive, to walk tall, to be in balance, to focus on the quality of each step and to be increasingly aware of the small changes in contours all around us- they are our reliable friends.  Paths, walls, fences and even rivers change but the surrounding landscape endures.

Great metaphors for life in general…

As for my sanity- I have never felt more clear-headed and connected.

Do please feel free to contact me if you fancy a day out: a far flung Wainwright peak, a famous Lake District ridge, a pit of off path exploration, or to go Stone Age axe hunting etc- happy to cater for individuals or small groups and plan around your aspirations.

Ps I passed!