Bill Mumford 200x300My name is Bill Mumford, I have many miles in the soles of my boots rambling around the health and social care sector and occasionally pause to share a few thoughts picked up on the way.

I set up Cairnstones for people who are interested in people rather than systems and structures.

Having worked for many years with national delivery and policy responsibilities we are keen to focus on the realities of local implementation. Organisations are all about people; good people working together get things done and they do this more often than not in spite of national interference!

I love the mountains and wild places and do much of my thinking while tramping across a featureless bog or Lakeland Fell. There have been many times when I have felt grateful to spot something of substance in the mist- especially a cairn. I have called the company Cairnstones because a cairn is a mound of small stones voluntarily built, rock by rock, by fellow hikers passing by. Their purpose is to act as waymarks for other travellers and when the mist descends they can be a very welcome guide to safe passage. They start as just a few stones loosely clumped together and can build up, sometimes over decades, to large and substantial features which are even recorded on maps. Sometimes they line up in the direction of a popular path and sometimes they take you off on a different route rarely explored. There is nothing official about them, their position, construction and purpose is entirely unsanctioned; one can join in and add to them or just nod in appreciation and pass them by.

How Cairnstones may be able to assist you and your people:

Innovating– need someone external to help unlock internal creativity?

Strategic Planning– need assistance with looking beyond the current challenges?

Project Management– need assistance with complex and sensitive programme of work?

Business Planning– need an experienced critical friend to review your plans?

Interim CEO– what it says on the tin…

Training– building personal and team resilience and wellbeing

Mentoring– facilitating confidence in your own ideas

Contact: email: billmumford@cairnstones.uk     tel: 07467 513656    Twitter: @bill_mumford   LinkedIn