A Prospectus

A Prospectus

The books stood open and the gates unbarred

Begin again where frosts and tests were hard

Find yourself or founder.

Seamus Heaney

After 40 years of working as a salaried employee in some wonderful organisations with great colleagues I have decided to take the plunge and enter the world of freelancing. I am still keen to support colleagues and organisations in the health and social care sectors to make a positive difference.

A Prospectus:

What is important in my professional Life:

The values of an organisation are matched by the behaviour of its people

How I might be able to assist your organisation:

Innovating- need someone external to help unlock internal creativity?

Strategic Planning- need assistance with looking beyond the current challenges?

Business Planning- need an experienced critical friend to review your plans?

Interim CEO- what it says on the tin…

Writing and Editing- but not the fine detail!

How I might be able to assist you:

Mentoring: facilitating confidence in your own ideas

Personal Development: maybe even on a hike?

Wellbeing- building personal resilience for individuals and teams (using the NEF 5 Ways model)